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Monitor Wells
borings converted to monitor wells
Well size 2 in.  
Slot size .010  
Sand #2  
Seal: Bentonite chip  

Flush-mount roadbox    
Protective Casing    
Saw Cut Pad    

Type of Project


Prevailing wage
Not Prevailing wage    
Pavement Electricity is available  
Gravel or dirt Water available  
Grass Exhaust vented  
Concrete Concrete Coring needed  
Expected Subsurface Conditions
Silt and clay    
Glacial till    
Rubble fill    
Water table  
Type of Rig Requested
Truck Geoprobe  
ATV Air Vac  
Drilling Method
Hollow Stem Auger 4.25 in. Casing 3 in.  
HSA 6.25 in.
HSA 6.25 in.  
HSA 8.25 in.
HSA 6.25 in.  
Rock Coring NQ Direct Push  
Rock Coring HQ    
Solid Stem Auger    
Water available on site
Approx. distance (in ft.) from water source to holes: